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Core Values

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The company performs its mission and intends to achieve its vision while it pledges the following values :

1. Knowledge Orientation :

We believe that to move toward knowledge orientation - as one of the important and distinctive principles of organization - “Applying state of the art technical and managerial knowledge & technologies”, “Using past experience for improvement of future results”, “Exchanging and sharing knowledge and experience along all organizational levels” are the rules to which all personnel in all organizational levels shall be committed.

2. Respecting Human & Social Values :

Respecting human munificence of people is an undeniable principle of organization. We believe that governance of social values including “Integrity” and “Honesty” in working environment as well as interacting with other stakeholders such as clients and suppliers are the most important element for creating a trusty and vivacious environment among personnel.

3. Continual Improvement and Excellence :

We believe that for mutually value creation of personnel and organization, a context is needed in which excellence of both person and organization is applicable. Toward realization of this aim, “Progression tendency”, “Serious and nonstop striving toward continual improvement” from personnel side and “Utmost efforts for creation of facilities and elimination of obstacles” from organization side are undeniable principles of which should be considered in all organizational levels and decisions.

4. Customer Satisfaction :

Whereas customer satisfaction is one of the most important preconditions for long-term success of organization, “Abiding by our commitments against clients and suppliers” and “trying for their satisfaction” are our main principles for interacting with these stakeholders.

5. Added Value Creation :

Whole decisions in all organizational levels should be in line with “Added value creation for organization” in a way that organizational and personnel development goals can be realized. Of course, for this aim non of above mentioned principles should be ignored.