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Social Responsibility

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We believe that TivEnergy operates in an environment where it is constantly surrounded by people as our stakeholders. We see our company as a member of communities in which we work, and we support them accordingly. By community we mean the people who live and work close to our projects and who are affected, in one way or another, by what we build. Indeed, we believe in community satisfaction as one of our most important success factors. Sadid Jahan Sanat's people view themselves as guests and partners in these communities and therefore consciously assume a long-term responsibility to people who live there. So, we always keep this simple idea of interdependence between business and society at the heart of our company.

We also know that our activities affect the quality of life for all people in our society. Therefore, it is vital that our Project Management Teams conduct their work in an ethical manner to earn and maintain the confidence of team members, colleagues, employees, employers, clients, and the public. Therefore, we are committed to bellow 20 principles :

1. Accept responsibility for our actions
2. Undertake projects and accept responsibility only if we are qualified by training or experience
3. Advance the integrity and prestige of the profession by practicing in a dignified manner
4. We obey the laws of the country in which work is being performed
5. Promote maximum productivity while striving to minimize costs
6. Treat fairly all project team members, colleagues, and co-workers, regardless of race, religion, sex, age or national origin
7. Protect our team members from physical and mental harm
8. Provide suitable working conditions and opportunities for our team members
9. Seek, accept and offer honest criticism of work, and properly credit the contribution of others
10. Assist our project team members, colleagues, and co-workers in their professional development
11. Act as faithful agents or trustees for their employers and clients in professional and business matters
12. Keep information on the business affairs or technical process of an employer or client in confidence while employed and later
13. Inform our employers, clients, professional societies or public agencies of which we are members, or to which we may make any presentations, of any circumstance that could lead to a conflict of interest
14. Neither give nor accept, directly or indirectly any gift, payment, or service of more than nominal value to or from those having business relationships with our employers or clients
15. Remain honest and realistic in reporting project quality cost and time
16. Protect safety, health and welfare of the public and speak out against abuses in these areas affecting the public interest
17. Seek to extend public knowledge and appreciation of the General Contracting
18. Maintain our professional skills at the state of the art and recognize the importance of continued personal development and education
19. Apply state-of-the-art project management tools and techniques to ensure quality; cost and time objectives as set forth in the project plan are met
20. Support these values and encourage colleagues and co-workers to act in accordance with them