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Establishment of Water Treatment and Water Transfer Pipeline

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  • AbgirClient : Semnan Regional Water Co.
  • Location : Damghan (Semnan Province)
  • Duration : 24 months
  • Delivery method : PC
  • Contract Date : Oct. 2009
  • Description : Procurement, construction and commissioning of a water treatment system and a water transfer pipeline from a dam – 5 km far from Damghan – to water reservoir of Damghan. The water treatment system includes physical, chemical and biological treatment of intake water to reduce the concentration of contaminants, so the water becomes fit for its dsired end-use. It also consists of establishment and all relevant civil works of settling tanks or sumps, chlorine injection tank, repair shop, pulsators, slow sand filters, operation, recovery, security, administration, diesel generator, aeration sludge lagoons, flash mixer, chloror ferric tanks and valves. The pipeline is a 20” UPVC at 4945 m pipe length.
  • Status : In progress